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5 things to do for under $5 with your kids this summer 

Ah! Summer! Can you smell the sunscreen yet?

Summer is a break from the everyday school routine where kids can live out their carefree days. They can have fun in the sun at the beach or your own pool or sprinkler out back. They can stay up late and sleep in or choose to stay in their pajamas all day.

Breath a collective sigh of vicarious relief.

Then, kids say those famous 5 words “There is nothing to do” or better yet “I’m bored”.

But wait, you have playdough and bubbles and grandmas house where you can eat junk until your hearts content. How can you possibly be bored?

Now scramble in your head something to do that won’t break the bank (and is great for a rainy day surprise).

Can you do it without listing TV, video games or ice cream?

Maybe. Maybe not. If your children’s friends are available that’s a great way to keep them occupied. Unfortunately, that option won’t always be available every day.

Getting harder to name things? Ok. I won’t keep you guessing anymore. Here is a list of 5 things under $5:

  • The library. Library programs are actually FREE. Most libraries have book clubs where children can keep track of their minutes and get stamps or tickets to get little prizes. It is recommended that kids read all summer to keep up their reading level and improve their skills. Our library also offers free board games and other activities like free Lego building days. Either way the library is great way to keep cool, stay dry and learn while having fun. Bonus: it’s also a great way to meet new friends in your community.
  • $1 movies at Regal Theaters and FREE at Cobb Theaters. I know this one is similar to TV, however, I like to save these for a rainy day and when it’s a movie we haven’t seen yet. Luckily it’s early in the morning so you can have a filling breakfast and maybe only buy a drink to share. Bonus: if you have little ones that talk during movies, no one really minds as it is a theater full of mostly just kids anyway.
  • Michaels craft days. Most Michaels craft stores offer kids programs where they can make a different item centered around a theme. Kids can get a tote and project book where they can stamp each time they complete a project.  Classes are usually arums 2 hours and cost $2-$5 per child which includes all your supplies. Bonus: it’s fun for parents too!
  • Kids bowl free. This is our go to spot for really hot days, rainy says, days with friends, well, you get the picture. If you sign up you can get coupons good for the bowling alley of your choice. Kids get 2 free games per day and all you pay for is the shoe rental (runs between $2-$4). Bonus: you can sign up adult or older siblings for a flat rate with the same kid benefits- great for dads to join in for sure.
  • This will depend on your area but our local Rec center usually has a summer program book that is not camp related. They have little art classes, dance classes and indoor play areas as well as splash areas. There are also kid work out classes like Zumba and Yoga. Most things are under $5 and even if it’s a course like 3-4 weeks then it breaks down to $5 a class. Bonus: It’s a great time for parents to get some down time with a nice iced latte and a good book while the kids are at class so everybody wins on this one.

Happy sizzling summer.


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