Big girl room reveal

So my kids are heading towards tweenville whether I like it or not. What better way to kick it off than updating their rooms from the toddler version we started them in to this new posher style. I’m totally tooting my own horn here by saying I’m proud of the way this came out. Really proud. 

This is the before. She has the smallest room in the house and has the most stuff (probably). 

So when she played, even a little, it quickly turned into this. 

And this

Yes. We could just get rid of a lot of things and organize it a bit more. Believe me, we worked on those things many times. 

But this is better. Way. Better. 

We originally were going to do a literal sense of under-the-sea theme but decided that it would be stagnant as years went by. Instead, we went with a nice neutral grey so as she grows she can change the room up however she likes. 

I’m very partial to stripes. I have them by my front door and in our main bathroom. I saw this on Pinterest with the name in gold with leaves. I made it my own of course. And let’s talk about this closet door. Also a Pinterest – ish idea. We did postcards in one size and put the metal arrow heart in the center. It really is my favorite part of the whole room. 

A plain mirror covered in washi tape to give it a mermaid pop. And an anchor that says “Home is where you drop your anchor”. Then to the left some starfish and mermaid sign. 

The corner with these fun patterned curtains. I went really tall on them so the room wouldn’t look so small. 

This is her favorite part. A reading nook. Comfy pillows, furry rug, all of her favorite books along with manatee handmade pictures and jelly fish swimming above her head. 

Her desk revamped with contact paper to give it a pop. Also, a matching bulletin board, beach pails for school supplies, a cute lamp makeover and a fun bunting for flair. And of course a cute matching chair. 

Grandma bought her this beautiful mermaid picture. Perfect size and colors. Thanks grandma! 

And did you notice her new flush chandelier?! It was a splurge and early birthday gift. When it’s on , the reflection on the walls is very sea-like. It’s pure perfection. 

Can you believe that alarm clock had TMNT on it?!! Not after the miracle of washi tape. 

Speaking of washi tape, these light switch covers are covered in tape. They are unique and posh. 

Other side under the bed. Better storage, cute manatee painting, lighted letter ‘I’ and other cute embellishments. 

Closer view of the lamp. 

Putting her toys back in and it still looks adorable. 

Next project, my son’s room. 


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