Space/Star Wars room reveal 

A few weeks back I redid my daughters room. I also did my sons room since my twins usually want the same thing at the same time, usually. 

This is the BEFORE picture 

So we went in with a space theme and accented with Star Wars. The walls really are a grayish color but in the pictures it just looks brown. Either way, I love the color scheme. 

The light side dark side light switch plate sticker was from Etsy. The other cover is the same contact paper as the desk. 

I love these beams so much. They are just really fun. One set on each side of the window. The roller shade I painted that stripe on it to give it new life. 

The desk has fun contact paper and the legs were already orange from before. 

The Death Star with a “window” view of outer space above the pillow.  Accented with Disney wall art and a Chewbacca alarm clock. 

This is MY favorite part of the room- his name in Star Wars print. A lot of work but so worth it. It attaches to the other wall beams. Of course some other art work too since we got the best deal on it. 

We splurged on an early birthday gift for my daughter so we were fair and bought him something too. This life size stick on of Hans Solo. 

2 closets and a book shelf are opposite the bed. The moon picture and all of the 3D planets (and stars behind them) glow in the dark. See below. 

I can’t pass up a clearance deal like this lamp at 70% off made it under $15. Looks like an atom. It’s really a pineapple. Lol. 

He really wanted a reading nook but with an asthmatic who is highly allergic to dust mites, this was a real challenge for me. But I figured out that when put away behind a closed door, unless he was in it, reduced those allergens. The wall had fabric nailed to it like a tapestry. 

His actual closet for clothes. 


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