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5 minute closet makeover

This was one project that I finished and wished I had taken a before picture.  This closet is very small and I didn’t want to spend time and money installing shelves because it’s been used for many things. Recently, I changed it to a linen closet just for bedding.  I went to Walmart and picked… Continue reading 5 minute closet makeover

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Think outside the lunch box 

Sliced hot house cucumbers* with lunch meat circles** Kettle chips Sliced mango Homemade granola (post coming soon)    Honest juice box *I never used these before but they really do seem to taste better, pack more crunch and last longer than regular cucumbers. Either way cucumbers are great for hydration (96% water).  **I used a… Continue reading Think outside the lunch box 

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5 minute root cover up

I wanted to blow my hair out today and wear a deep side part. BUT when I did that those pesty wiry tendrils of gray hair appeared. Ugh.  Then suddenly I remembered something a stylist of mine many moons ago showed me.  You start at the back of the part towards the roots and pull… Continue reading 5 minute root cover up

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5 ingredient air freshener 

If you have an asthmatic like I do you are weary of strong scented products. Even so, heavy synthetic fragrances are not good for anyone.  I use this year round when my house needs a boost of fresh scent. It’s easy, affordable and safe. You probably already have the ingredients on hand already.  Gather: Lemon… Continue reading 5 ingredient air freshener 

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5 kitchen must haves 

I’m about to divulge a secret to you  Cooking is not my forte. It’s not. I actually dislike it. I’m just not good at it.  That makes things difficult when you are trying to be a clean eating mom.  With that said, there are things in my kitchen I can’t live without.  Strainers. All sizes… Continue reading 5 kitchen must haves 

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5 things to consider when going to Disney World.  Part 1 

My family and I ❤️ Disney.  Each time we learn something new. Here are some of top tips.  Get plenty of rest. I know sometimes it’s a once in a lifetime trip and you want to do it all. I can tell you with little kids sleep is so important if you want to be… Continue reading 5 things to consider when going to Disney World.  Part 1